About us

Themes for great dreams
Anyone can dream. But it takes a great dreamer to realize a dream, to make it come true. Mr. Ananda Mohan Chakraborty dreamt of building great spaces. Spaces where dreams of multitudes of people could thrive and flourish. His vision formed Carolina Developers Private Limited, an admirable name in real estate.

Carolina Developers began weaving dreams from 19th August 2008 onwards. The core intent was to develop beautiful spaces in prime properties. The dream was to craft well planned cityscapes to support a resurgent Bengal. The honesty and dedication in intent paid off. Paharpur Cooling Towers partnered Mr. Chakraborty in shaping this dream project. Genex Exotica was born. Carolina Developers and Paharpur Cooling Towers came together to develop Genex Exotica, residential and business complexes in Asansol. This dream project was their gift to Asansol, one of the key industrial zones of West Bengal.

An Exotic Dream
It is a norm in traditional Indian communities to inaugurate auspicious occasions by seeking the blessings of elders. Genex Exotica was inaugurated with the blessings of Honourable Shri Pranab Mukherjee on 26th December 2010.

Shri Mukherjee, who was the Honourable Finance Minister of India at that time, addressed a gathering of thousand of people and proudly announced that the implementation of the Genex Exotica project would offer countless opportunities to the people of the region to make a living. True to his words, the project was well supported by the local inhabitants and brought a smile to many known faces in the vicinity of the project.

Carolina Developers has successfully completed Phase I with seven G+14 towers including a luxurious Club House and sprawling Amphitheatre. Phase II of this project is under construction with five G+14 towers along with a modern shopping mall.